Mori-Nu Yuzu Flavored Tofu

MORI-NU YUZU FLAVORED TOFU | Item Number: 63398 | Package: 12/12.5 oz | Origin: USA

Yuzu Flavored Tofu combines emerging Japanese flavors with the velvety smooth and creamy texture of silken tofu that Mori-Nu customers know and love. Perfect for appetizers, salads, savory entrees, and more. Made with Non-GMO Soybeans, this dairy-free, low-fat Kosher product is vegan and gluten-free. Proudly made in the USA, and no refrigeration is required until opened.


Soy Milk (Filtered Water and Soybeans), Soy Protein Isolate, Natural Flavors, Glucono-Delta-Lactone*, Turmeric Concentrate (Color), Calcium Chloride.
*Glucono-Delta-Lactone is a non-dairy coagulant derived from non-GMO corn starch.

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