Mori Mori


What is your name?
My co-workers call me Mori Mori.

What is your position at Mutual Trading?
I work in the Los Angeles branch.

When did you start working at Mutual Trading?
August 2012

What's the best perk you've ever gotten from a job?
There are many perks but the top 3 would be: meeting and befriending chefs,
learning more about Japanese food, and eating makanai (staff meal)!

What is your favorite cuisine?
Japanese cuisine! One of my favorite Japanese food is miso soup. To me,
miso soup is a combination of soul food and comfort food. 

How would you describe yourself?
I have a nice smile 🙂 

What is Mutual Trading Company to you?
To me it means being part of a cultural bridge that connects Japan and USA.

What is your favorite Mutual Trading products?
I'm slightly partial to Shochu because of its health benefits. It is low in
calories and it contains urokinase enzyme which prevents blood clots.