Maruhara Ayu Gyosho & Kaneishi Ishiri

MARUHANA AYU GYOSHO | Item Number: 1604 | Package: 4/6/200ml | Origin: Japan

MARUHARA AYU GYOSHO | Item Number: 1604 | Package: 4/6/200ml | Origin: Japan

Maruhara Ayu Gyosho

The standard Japanese or Southeast Asian fish sauces are typically associated with the idea of strong, unpleasant smell. However, this Ayu Fish Sauce is special and like none other. Made only with two ingredients - ayu (Japanese sweet fish) and salt, this remarkable fish sauce is noticeably more mellow and has a delicate sweetness while still adding a profound savory depth to dishes.

It is an excellent fish sauce that enhances the flavors and balances out the overall flavor of a dish. It is also comparably less pungent than other fish sauces available in the supermarkets. A must have versatile sauce that goes with any cuisine.



KANEISHI ISHIRI | Item Number: 20340 | Package: 15/17.6 fl oz | Origin: Japan

Kaneishi Irishi 

Ishiri is a traditional fish sauce that originated in Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture. This sauce is made with squid intestines as the basic ingredient and is prepared by pickling the ingredients with salt before letting them ferment naturally for 2 to 3 years. The well-rounded umami compliments different foods and subtly enhances the flavor of a recipe.

Ishiri goes really well with Japanese cuisines such as sashimi, lightly pickled foods, nimono and nabe. Ishiri is also great for other cuisines - simply add few drops of Ishiri into Chinese or Western cuisine to add depth and uniqueness to dishes.