Kyoto Matcha IPA

KYOTO MATCHA IPA | Item Number: 9651 | Package: 12/11.15 floz (330ml) | Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Within the uniquely spicy nose of this IPA is the gentle note of citrus. Adding to that is the subtle aroma of local, Kyoto Matcha, carefully balanced to give you a distinctly Kyoto-feel. While the flavor is mellow and soft, it retains the full-bodied depth of bittering hops, and enjoyable matcha finish. Though it pairs outstandingly with bold cuisine and oily components, because of the matcha used, trying it with tempura, cha-soba, and other foods you might use matcha-salt with, is another great idea.

Also available: Kuromame Ale, Yamadanishiki Ale, White Yuzu Ale and Kurano Kahori Ale.

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