Koko Bean


What is your name?
Everyone calls me Koko Bean at work!

What is your position at Mutual Trading?
Shipping department

When did you start working at Mutual Trading?
August 1998

If you could have an endless supply of food, what would you get?
Can I get two? Steak and Fiji water.

What's the one word that you'd like to hear from your boss??
Words are not necessary! Looking at Javi (my boss) makes my day.
He's a cool guy. 

How do you usually spend your weekend??
It depends - last weekend I went to the beach.

What was the most unforgettable moment you had working
at Mutual Trading?

When the company took all of us to Las Vegas for the 70th anniversary.

What is your favorite Mutual Trading products?
Yamasa Kanikama (#60923) seems to be everyone's favorite.