TAKI NO KOI JUNMAI GINJO | Item Number: 8190 | Package: 6/720ml | Origin: Hyogo, Japan

The Dragon's Gate Sake! The name is derived from the Chinese legend of a carp swimming up a colossal waterfall. And upon reaching the top and entering the Dragon's Gate, the carp transforms into a beautiful dragon.

Brewery: Kimura Shuzo
Alcohol Content: 15%
Nihonshudo: +2.5


HAKUTAKA TOKUBETSU JUNMAI | Item Number: 6451 | Package: 6/720ml | Origin: Hyogo, Japan

The White Hawk! Commissioned by the Japanese Imperial Court and the sacred Ise Shinto Shrine, Hakutaka Tokubetsu Junmai continues its long tradition as the brewery for the "Imperial Sake" and "Sacred Sake".

Brewery: Hakutaka
Alcohol Content: 16-17%
Nihonshudo: +3.5