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Jeon Sangho


  • When did you start Mutual Trading? (Month and Year)
    January 2013
  • How do you usually spend your weekend?
    I like going to the beach with my family.
  • Any nicknames you go by?
    Everyone calls me Jeon.
  • Do you have any words you live by?
    There's nothing you can't do! I think anything is possible if you
    put your mind to it!

  • What was the most unforgettable moment you had working
    at Mutual Trading?

    At the first day of work after New Year, the chairman and president
    of the company personally talked to us employees to
    thank us for our contribution to the company. Hearing that word
    of appreciation from the top level management increased my
    motivation to do my best at work!
    Even though I have only been with Mutual Trading for a little
    over 2 years, the company environment is great! Everyone is
    warm, welcoming and easy to talk to. And I'm not just saying
    that because of this interview either!
  • What is your favorite Mutual Trading products?
    I was really impressed with the Frozen Ramen Noodles (#43136
    & #43135). It's pre-cooked ramen noodles that's flash frozen so
    all you have to do is drop it in the boiling water for 10 seconds
    and you can have a perfectly cooked noodles. I highly recommend
    it to busy restaurants!
    I also like Matsuri Koshihikari rice (#20432)! I've tried dierent
    brands but, hands down, my favorite is Matsuri rice.