Gluten Free Soy Cheesecake

FROZEN GLUTEN FREE SOY CHEESE CAKE | Item Number: 78685 | Package: 12/1.68 lbs | Origin:Japan

Thoughtfully made using soy milk cream and rice flour (no cheese!). This gluten-free dessert is decadent and so deliciously creamy - enjoy it on its own or drizzle over some fruit preserves!

To defrost, simply transfer the cheesecake to the refrigerator till your desired serving texture is achieved. Slight frozen, this cheesecake will have a wonderful ice cream-like texture, and when fully defrosted, it has a soft and creamy cheesecake texture.

Ingredients: Soy Milk Fermented Food(Soy Milk, Parm Oil, Water, Thickener <Hydroxyprophyl Distarchphosphate>, Trehalose, Dextrin, Salt, Stabilizer <Soybean Polysaccharide, Pectin>, Sodium Carbonate, Lactic Acid), Soy Milk Processed Food (Parm Oil, Water, Soy Milk Cream, Corn, Potato, Lecithin, Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester, Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester, Sodium Citrate, Cellulose, Waxy Cornstarch, Vitamin E<Α-Tocopherol, Β-Tocopherol,  Γ-Tocopherol, Δ-Tocopherol>, Magnesium Chloride, Salt), Rice Powder, Soy Milk, Sugar, Egg, Unsalted Butter, Lemon Juice, Salt.

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