Frozen Hachiyo Ika Shiokara

FROZEN HACHIYO IKA SHIOKARA | Item Number: 74350 | Package: 12/4.93 oz | Origin: Japan

This product uses fresh squid with no added coloring. The squid offal has been slightly aged using koji and sun-dried salt. Ika Shiokara is very much an acquired taste, but once acquired it can be quite irresistible. And while it's an excellent appetizer to go with Sake and Shochu, it is as delicious over rice or as a secret ingredient to pasta sauce.

Ingredients: Squid, Salt, Malted Rice, Pepper, Protein Hydrolysate (Wheat, Soy), Sorbitol, Seasoning (Monosodium L-Glutamate, DL-Alanine, Potassium L-Aspartate, Contains Less Than 0.001% of Glycine, Disodium 5’-Ribonucleotide, Dextrin, Salt), Alcohol (Sugarcane), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Xanthan, Sodium Metaphosphate, Sucralose, Potassium Sorbate.

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