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Sanma (Pacific Saury)

Sanma or Pacific Saury is the quintessential fall fish. In season, the flesh is fatty and delicious. While Sanma can be prepared in various ways, like sashimi or sushi, one of the most popular way to prepare the fish is to simply grill it with a little bit of salt. [caption id="attachment_3688" align="alignleft" width="270"] 1.…
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Amaebi, Unagi, Somen & Tofu

Frozen Amaebi Frozen, sashimi-grade amaebi shrimp. Item Number: 70392-1 (Extra Large) Package: 12/2.2lbs (20-24pcs) Origin: Item Number: 70391-1 (Large) Package: 12/2.2lbs (25-33pcs) Origin:       Frozen Unagi Item Number: 70284 Package: 11 lbs/case Origin:             Somen Item Number: 44392 Package: 9/2.2 lbs Origin: Japan             Yamaki…
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Hamo (Pike Conger)

Hamo or pike conger is a type of sea-water eel. Much like eel, hamo contains fat and is believed to have palate stimulating quality - perfect for hot summer days. Fun Fact: In Kyoto, the famous festival Gion Festival is affectionately coined "Hamo Matsuri". Recipe Suggestion: Hamo No Yubiki (Blanched Hamo)  Hamo Sushi Fried Hamo Hamo Teriyaki…
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Kikumasamune Cup Sake, Yokaichi Mugi & Zakka

  Kikumasamune Dry Sake Cup Umami-rich flavor with a clean and dry finish. Item Number: 6403 Package: 6/5/180ml Origin: Hyogo, Japan Alcohol Content: 15%         Yokaichi Mugi A nose of elegant bouquet with a clean and smooth flavor. Item Number: 9058 Package: 6/750ml Origin: Miyazaki, Japan Alcohol Content: 48 Proof    …
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Aji, Ayu & Edamame

  MTC Recommends: Frozen Aji Fillet Item Number: 73120-1 Package: 30/7oz (2pcs) Origin: Japan Also known as Japanese Horse Mackerel, Aji is at its tastiest from May to July.         Frozen Ayu Item Number: 73879 Package: 10/2.2lbs (10pcs) Origin: Japan The most delicious of all river fish, Ayu is best enjoyed skewered…
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