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Little Tokyo Salutes the LAFD

Serving with Courage, Integrity, and Pride From July 1st to 3rd, five Little Tokyo restaurants joined in on a community service program, paying tribute to the Los Angeles Fire Department First Responders for their courageous services. Fire engines rolled into Little Tokyo stopping by the Little Tokyo Public Safety Association Koban, as fire fighters were…
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Single Serve Sake

Everyone loves happy hour. Especially now that COVID-19 has drastically changed every aspect of life, we see that people have slowly adjusted to the new norm. These days, people all over the world are looking for ways to connect with friends and loved ones. Videotelephony apps like Line and Zoom have made it easier for…
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Delivery & Takeout Directory

Overcoming harsh realities presented the current state of circumstances, restaurants are adapting their operations and preparing meals, providing much-needed sense of comfort to many homes. Below are web resources to organizations providing running lists of restaurants offering take-out/delivery services. Click on the organization name to jump to the list. Southern California LTCC/Go Little Tokyo :…
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How Healthy Is Your Gut Today?

Let Amazake Help, with Probiotics & Enzymes Of late, there’s a surge of DIY fermentation going on across the country. It’s nothing new, as it’s been going on for centuries as a means of preserving food. Then, somewhere along the way, people discovered that fermentation can improve flavors in foods, and also bring a number…
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Zero Waste: Redefining Wagyu Scraps & Trimmings

Trade Tricks to Using Every Ounce of Miyazaki Beef In recent years, there’s been some noticeable shifts in the restaurant industry with Wagyu being offered outside the high-end restaurants. Beyond the typical serving styles as steak, Shabu-Shabu, and grills, Wagyu is now appearing with Sushi, Tempura, and skewers. Further breaking from traditional Japanese cuisine, Wagyu…
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Wagyu Fat-Infused Brussel Sprouts Chips

INGREDIENTS Wagyu drippings, Brussel sprouts, sea salt DIRECTIONS 1. Collect Wagyu fat, and render evenly in a pan. * see notes below2. Peel off 3-4 outer leaves of Brussel sprouts. ( reserve remaining sprouts for another application )3. Deep fry in Wagyu fat at 300°F, until crispy but not browned.4. Strain on a paper towel…
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