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Ramen Salad

The popularity of Ramen has grown tremendously in the US, with ramen shops popping up everywhere. This summer, add...

Hamo No Yubiki (Blanched Hamo)

  • Frozen Honekiri Hamo , defrosted
  • Bainiku
  • Shiso leaf, optional
  1. Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil. Fill a...

Hamo (Pike Conger)

Hamo or pike conger is a type of sea-water eel. Much like eel, hamo contains fat and is believed to...

Kikumasamune Cup Sake, Yokaichi Mugi & Zakka

  Kikumasamune Dry Sake Cup Umami-rich flavor with a clean and dry finish. Item Number: 6403 Package: 6/5/180ml Origin: Hyogo, Japan Alcohol Content: 15%         Yokaichi Mugi A...

Aji, Ayu & Edamame

  MTC Recommends: Frozen Aji Fillet Item Number: 73120-1 Package: 30/7oz (2pcs) Origin: Japan Also known as Japanese Horse Mackerel, Aji is at its...

2014 Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo

Nearly 3,700 Japanese food professionals attended Mutual Trading's Annual Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo. Held in New York on October...