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Zero Waste: Redefining Wagyu Scraps & Trimmings

Trade Tricks to Using Every Ounce of Miyazaki Beef In recent years, there’s been some noticeable shifts in the restaurant industry with Wagyu being offered outside the high-end restaurants. Beyond the typical serving styles as steak, Shabu-Shabu, and grills, Wagyu is now appearing with Sushi, Tempura, and skewers. Further breaking from traditional Japanese cuisine, Wagyu…
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Boosting Shochu Enjoyment

Shochu is a type of distilled spirits, much like whisky and tequila. What’s quite unique about Shochu that sets it apart from any other distilled spirits in the world, is the base ingredients, fermentation method, distillation process, and the fermented liquid, all of which contribute to the finesse of the final brew. To the consumer,…
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Tips on Preparing NURU-KAN Warmed Sake

Preparing Nuru-Kan warmed Sake at the best serving temperature can be a delicate process, and doing so at a business establishment with consistency poses challenges. The type of Sake, flavor characteristics and food pairings must all be taken into consideration. So, below are some key points in preparing the best Nuru-Kan. Start out by finding…
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A New Wave of Japanese Beer

[metaslider id=7721] Are you suffering from craft beer fatigue? Skeptics threaten the craft beer bubble will burst, but everyday consumers’ wallets keep sending the same, clear message as popularity, demand, and market shares increase: “We want more,” and Japanese beer is no exception. Previously, the only Japanese options America had for beer were Kirin, Sapporo,…
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2018 Top 20 Culinary Trends

The National Restaurant Association's "what's hot in 2018" predicts menu and culinary trends for the year ahead. The list is carefully complied after surveying 700 professional chefs, all members of the American Culinary Federation. Below are the top 20 food trends in 2018 and Mutual Trading’s product picks:
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NURU-KAN: Elevating Sake Drinking Enjoyment

[caption id="attachment_7282" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Hakkaisan Honjozo served three ways yields three times the pleasure: cold, at room temperature, and warmed. And when paired with foods, drinking and eating joy rises exponentially.[/caption] In the early 18th century when common folks in Japan began drinking Nuru-Kan warmed Sake, global warming wasn’t an issue where the autumn/winter months were…
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Curry Rice: The Next Big Trend Following Ramen?

Ramen, very much the soul food of the Japanese, is taking the US by storm. The popularity of Ramen is breaking through food culture barriers and is now entrenching itself into the American food culture. In contrast, Japanese Curry Rice, a cult favorite in Japan alongside Ramen, has remained under-the-radar. With that said, it’s only…
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2017 Sake & Shochu Evaluation at International Liquor Competitions

Traditional Japanese vs Western Standards Mutual Trading actively enters Sake and Shochu products at prominent wine & spirits competitions held across the United States. This is to educate professionals in the trade and to advocate the unique qualities of Japanese liquors, so different from Western alcohols. Earning top gold awards at these competitions opens doors…
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A Closer Look At Wagyu

The Variation in Wagyu Cuts & Chuck Roll: The Lesser Known Wagyu Cut Too Delicious To Ignore Beef cuts vary across countries and Japanese chefs trained in Japan may find it challenging to procure certain cuts of beef in the US. In the same way, American and non-Japanese chefs who are unfamiliar with Japan’s standard…
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